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At the Ledges

Welcome to The Full Vermonty, your one-stop resource for nudism and naturism in Vermont. The Green Mountain State has a history of welcoming back-to-landers, hippies, and those who value their civil liberties. Likewise, its natural resources lend themselves easily to nude recreation.

Run by a lifelong nudist who oppressed this aspect of themselves for many years, The Full Vermonty aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the status of nudism/naturism in Vermont. While The Ledges (pictured) is The Full Vermonty‘s home base, we have had the good fortune of visiting famed locations in Hawaii, California, and southern Florida, as well.

The nudist community is one of the most open and welcoming around. Without clothes, status slips away. Without clothes, years of shame can be healed. Without clothes, our bodies are free and our minds soon follow. The Full Vermonty affirms the uniqueness in each individual. We affirm all body types, sexualities, gender identities, races, ethicities, abilities, ages, and so on. While we are all different in myriad ways, we are bound by our common practice of non-sexual nakedness.

This site offers insight into Vermont’s laws around nudism and naturism, the natural and manmade Vermont venues with clothing optional offerings, and easy links to nudist resources. Additionally, we have a blog devoted to nudist/naturist issues, body acceptance and positivity, environmentalism, and pacifism.

None of us is free unless we are all free. Our individual freedom is intertwined with that of our fellow humans.