Welcome to The Full Vermonty

Vermont is a quite welcoming place for those who prefer life a little less encumbered. At least in the summertime. As the chill of autumn brings the promise of a frigid five or six months, our thoughts aren’t quite on naturism right now. Instead we’re turning inward, thinking about the celebrations that bring nature inside our house, and finding we’re more likely to add a layer than remove one.

Even though it’s growing colder, and those who enjoy nakedness outdoors (naturists) are trading in their sunscreen for a parka, nudism is a yearlong pursuit for those who identify as nudists. Perhaps we’re clothing averse or we just don’t care where we’re nude, we just feel better unclothed. For us, we might find ourselves huddling by the fire instead of reaching for a sweater. Either way, our enthusiasm turns to thoughts of what the next year will bring.

And that’s how The Full Vermonty was born.

When we moved to Vermont, we had heard of the famed Ledges in southern Vermont. Finding information about that terrific spot was pretty easy, but learning about other opportunities was a lot more difficult. Generally speaking, this website has come into being to provide a one-stop-shop for nudist/naturist needs for Vermonters and those hoping to enjoy our terrific state.

What this site is is a reference guide to up-to-date information. Of keen interest is activity in the state legislature that could threaten our way of life and being, so we keep an eye on activities there. Additionally, this site links to venues, events, and organizational resources to help build your sense of community. Anyone who has attended a naturist destination knows how welcoming this community is, but life can be pretty lonely if you’re new to this or don’t know any naturists, so hopefully this site will help bridge a gap. Or at least let you know we exist.

As a child, I did not grow up in a nudist environment, but I was fascinated every time I heard about beaches or campgrounds, etc. It was hard keeping me in clothes, but not having any role models, I developed a sense of shame about this aspect of my being and became rather obsessive about covering up. I thought there had to be something wrong with me or that I was weird.

It was a part of me, though, and when I tried to suppress it, I felt worse about myself, not better. I was “out” with people in part of my life, but people who knew me when I was young didn’t know. For a while, I lived a double life that was quite hard, but the people closest to me from that era now know and all is well.

There is a debate as to whether nudism is a product of nature or nurture. I believe it can be both. I assert I was born this way, that it is inherent to my being. Given that I didn’t have any examples in my life, but that I was drawn away from clothes at such a young age, no one ever nurtured it in me. It simply was who I was. And who I am. Finding self acceptance has been a wonder and hopefully you can find a little piece of that wonder on this site.

The blog is dedicated to nudist/naturist issues, body image and acceptance, environmental concerns, and peace. We will not be hosting photos; rather, this site will be more about the philosophical concerns of nudism and naturism.

We view this site as a service to our community. We hope that you find it helpful and that if you stick around as this blog grows, that you find inspiration.




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