VT Government Update

Representative Clem Bissonette (D) of Winooski has won reelection to the Vermont House. He entered an extremely brief retirement, but since his name was still on the ballot, he has chosen to take his seat. In the last legislative session, he did something quite peculiar.

At the behest of one constitutent – I repeat, ONE CONSTITUENT – he submitted an anti-nudisty bill to be considered. This bill would have annihilated our ability to enjoy Vermont’s natural beauty the best way we know how. A pastor was angry that a man who showed up nude on the streets of Burlington (well within Vermont law) and requested that his representative do something about it.

Even though Mr. Bissonette knew of no other complaints and claimed in the linked story to have no issue with the status quo of Vermont’s law, he entered House Bill 73 which made it a crime to appear anywhere in public nude – punishable by two months of jail time, no less. This would have meant: Goodbye, Ledges; goodbye, Willoughby; goodbye, secluded river spots. And hello, excessive sentencing.

If you don’t think one person can change the world as you know it, think again.

Luckily and thankfully, the bill went absolutely nowhere. But Bissonette is back.

I can’t tell if its laudable that the rep went so far as to draft a bill on behalf of one citizen. Would he move to loosen Vermont’s nudity restrictions of one constituent approached him on that issue? My guess is he wouldn’t, but you never know.

Maybe an enterprising nudist in his district should try.

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