Defending Nudist Anonymity

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 11.27.52 PM.pngThere is a debate in nudist circles about whether nudists should have to be “out” to be considered worthy of complete acceptance. As a member of national organization, I have seen this play out in their letters section of a publication, where some nudists have been critical of those who choose to use pseudonyms to write articles. The argument for everyone being out seems to be that if we are not ashamed of our bodies, we should not be ashamed to admit who we are, that we should not live in the shadows.

This denies reality and could fracture our cause.

In the real world, nudists are not a protected class. We can be picked apart, made fun of, and discriminated against without repercussion. In fact, due to the dastardly anti-labor laws in this nation known as “right to work,” we can be fired for any reason. Due to deep-seated misconceptions about the human body, we are viewed suspiciously by the small-minded among us. Therefore, if a troublemaker wanted to make an issue of our nudist practices, we could lose our livelihoods.

When I read notes or articles that demand the sort of purity some nudist circles push where you have to be out to be legitimate, I am left to wonder: Will you pay someone’s bills when they are ousted from their job for being out? Will you pay for therapy and mental health support when they are ostracized by communities of which they are a part? Do you realize you are part of the closeting problem; that by insisting that we be out you delegitimize our lived-in experiences?

I am out to people close to me, but until I make a good living as a nudist, it is impractical for me to be out with a more public profile. When the privilege of publication is prevented due to anonymity, we lose a significant perspective in our movement. The story of the closeted nudist, or the one protecting her paycheck, is pushed into a sort of second-class status because we are not privileged enough to guarantee maintenance of our lives and livelihoods were we out.

Insistence that we step out from behind the veil of anonymity stifles the diverse voices of our community. It creates a caste system of purity and sends the wrong message to those who fear anti-nudist societal punishment. It’s hard enough being a nudist that there shouldn’t be rejection from “Big Nudism” simply based on closeting.

This community needs to meet people where they are and where they can be, to be a nurturing influence. We are a wonderful community already pushed into society’s margins. Let’s not marginalize our own members simply because not everyone can achieve the glory of true openness that I’m sure most of us long for.

15 thoughts on “Defending Nudist Anonymity

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  3. Thank You so Much for this post!

    As a Vermonter myself, that is “Out” in more ways than one, not everyone has the luxury to really be themselves. I’m constantly stating this in different groups I’m in, both Nudist/Naturist as well as LGBT+!

    And not everyone is ready to be “outed” for the sake of any group and no group should force anyone due to peer pressure!

    We all have skeletons in the closet of one sort or another! Need it be sneaking a candy every day, to I’m gay/straight but haven’t told anyone, to I’m in love with so and so and just can’t tell them

    A proud Bi Kilted Family Friendly Nudist/Naturist Dad now married to a man!

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    • Thanks for your story and for your ability to be open. It isn’t a luxury we all have, though no doubt many of us would like to achieve. Hope you’ll follow here and on Twitter so we can stay connected.

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      • I’m don’t use Twitter but I do hope you don’t mind that I shared your new blog to a couple Vt groups! I only created an account here years ago after I started following my second Nudist/Naturist! Of which the group and the blogger no longer exist on here.

        I saw your blog shared in several Nudist/Naturist groups on MeWe and had to reply. Because I do agree! They too are leaning toward pics. Mostly in the name of protecting the groups from fake accounts verses protecting the lifestyle!

        i am also following your blog verses just this one post for comments! Always nice when it’s possible meet a fellow Vermonter into Family Friendly Nudism/Naturism!

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  4. Although I agree that there are difficulties in being out, I personally believe it is better for all and our cause if we don’t hide who and what we are as if we are carrying some dirty little secret. More often than not we as humans tend to catastrophate things and think the absolute worst about various events. Is it possible that we lose our jobs, family and friends? Yes but it is highly unlikely. I also believe that by keeping our lifestyle a secret then we allow the misperceptions about it to continue.

    Don’t misunderstand, I understand your fear of possible repercussions and each person has to do what they feel is best for themselves but please don’t allow fear of possible discriminating actions stop you from being out so that we become less ostracized by society as a whole. Show them that our lifestyle has been completely misunderstood and mischaracterized.

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    • FullVermonty, If you haven’t figure it out yet I’m also jrpgjr. My phone doesn’t allow me to log in with FB.

      Don’t you worry about SimpleNaturist. I’ve known him (profile pic) for years as an advocate of nudism/naturism and I do agree with him.

      Yet he and I also agree that it takes time to get to the point to acknowledge or admit things to even ourselves before mentioning it to the world openly and honestly!

      People also change over time, and as things happen we decide if it’s best to keep things on the downlow or keep them more public. We never know do we. Our future may require us to be more downlow about it as well and not so open about it!

      Unfortunately that’s how the world works at times, even though it may not be right!

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    • Indeed. It is a luxury. And we might have something valuable to contribute to the dialogue, but some venues won’t allow us to be anonymous. So, you hear the same voices over and over, as though they’re the only perspective.


  5. I’m sort of a unique personality. I have always been open honest about everything, so when I took up going to the nude beach it never occurred to me to not tell my family, friends, co-workers, random strangers on the internet, etc…

    The result, a lot of acceptance, even from those that didn’t get the appeal. Not one single person ostracized me or disowned me. I did have to clarify to several individuals that there was absolutely nothing sexual about the nude beach and that if anything it was less sexually charged than the regular beach. I even found out that several other people had already periodically been to the beach or to nudist resorts.

    I’ll say that neither of my parents understand the appeal of nudism and when I talk to them now I just say that I went to the beach without specifying the nude beach. They know, but it makes it slightly less awkward since I know that they don’t get it.

    In any, case the point here is stop being so afraid. If your friends, family, and co-workers really care about you then they will accept your choices. If they are two-faced people who just like to push their views on others then you may find that thinning the herd a bit will result in a great improvement to your personal life. By getting rid of the people who are false friends you no longer have to hide who you are. That alone is such a freeing feeling and relieves so much stress that those that hide feel.

    I realize that some people work for religious/conservative zealots, and that talking about it at work may not be an option, but work is work and not really your personal life anyways. I never worked for anyone who had the audacity to intrude on my personal life, and I would never tolerate that. If you do that’s your choice, and then I could see the need to be a little more subtle online. Even my own boss who is highly religious readily accepts me and my atheist (or in her sarcastic words “heathen”) ways, and so me being a nudist didn’t faze her either.

    Overall, I think the argument for being open and honest about the wholesomeness of genuine nudism is imperative for societal acceptance. If most nudists continue to hide their lives as if it is something perverse and shameful then that is how society at large will continue to view the lifestyle. So I would greatly encourage all nudists to break free from the conservatives and be brave…but not stupid. If you absolutely know you would be fired and have no ability to get a new job then be subtle and let the rest of us handle the publicity.

    Personally, I don’t necessarily advertise my name, but when I make a nudist meme I will almost always attach a credit line at the bottom to state whether the photo was mine or someone else’s, and then take credit for text/editing. I do use my real full name and have links to my various sites. In some old memes I used to a moniker, but in anything new it has my name. Again, never a problem. When everyone in your life knows who you really are you don’t have to worry about being “found out”. That’s the reason I choose my original Tumblr blog name of Absolute Freedom.

    So be free, cut the dead weight of those who wouldn’t accept you, and live your life free. If you absolutely can’t for some complex family/work reason then I’m sorry for you and don’t let anyone bully you about it.

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