On This Winter Solstice

Can you practice skyclad indoors?

If so, that’s what I’m doing on this Winter Solstice. The height of privilege is to be in the Northern Hemisphere but to be able to be nude and commune with the earthly pull of this time of year. I am in a very warm house, fortunate by life’s circumstances to enjoy these moments, to feel deep connection, to welcome the light back into life on this shortest day of the year.

When I think about light, I think about lightness, as well. The relief of burdens, the shaking free of that which has built up over the year. I am not a well-practiced person of spirit. In fact, I often forget a lot about that side of my nature as the events and pressures of everyday living mount, clouding the mind. The Solstice, especially the one in winter, is the time for me to remember that I am a spiritual being in a human body and that all of this is an illusion, a creation we’re all making up as we go along.

So, what do we create that is new? What narratives can we bring into the world about how to be – with ourselves, with others, with nature, with the rest of humanity, with the ethereal?

The return to light is the return to hope, the return to outward presence versus inward thought. We don’t wait for the dark at the end of the tunnel, after all.

As we cycle toward June and the ever-expanding light, let’s remember to do what we can to bring peace and kindness into the world.

Thanks for being here.

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