My Body, My Choice?

So quickly, it has come to my attention that I’m a disappointment to some of my fellow nudists. By defending those who choose anonymity, I’ve been told that makes me suspect. By not posting photos of myself, I have dug just one more hole.

But, what end does a butt serve? Sure, I might never gain the popularity or notoriety of other nudist bloggers, but that wasn’t my intention for this website anyway. Indeed, the blog was (and is) to be occasional, while the information for those who might pass through Vermont is the reason this site exists.

I get it. As a younger nudist with no nudist role models, I certainly enjoyed seeing the “photos of freedom” on Clothesfree dot com, because it showed me I wasn’t alone and that there was normalcy in the practice of social nudity. But many of those photos were tucked behind anonymity on a website that gathered content, some of it from the other side of the planet, rather than merely posting photos of people from their California hub. Those photographed chose to have their picture taken and presumably were cool with those photos being shared. More power to them.

I’ve been photographed, too, but choose not to share them online. Not now, anyway. I do this, not to arouse suspicion in fellow nudists, but to protect myself in a country that is suspicious of us to the point of making us societal pariahs. It’s easy for some to tell me to throw caution to the wind, always easy for others to tell someone what to do. But what is nudism if it requires a lockstep approach rather than capturing the ethos of bodily autonomy? If we are to be the welcoming community we claim to be, do we not owe it to people to live within nudism on their own terms, within their comfort zone?

Resorts and their photo policies get it. People on the beach who request permission get it.  And not publishing photos of myself is my choice at this time. It makes me no less a nudist, no less thoughful about our place in this world.

So, let’s keep this movement going forward rather than placing litmus tests on what makes one an authentic nudist. Out and open nudists are nudists. Closeted nudists are nudists. Anonymous nudists are nudists. We are one and the same, choosing our limits, and embracing our bodily autonomy.

Let’s celebrate that rather than tearing down our own.




11 thoughts on “My Body, My Choice?

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  2. Too many “naturist” sights are just serving up the young and desirable. That’s because the young and desirable get more hits. No different than most other advertising.

    I am as out of the closet as one can get. I was very very deep in the closet as a child. It was a matter of self-preservation. As soon as I could, I moved 2000 miles to get away from it. Different location, different rules. I do believe that even if you’re in the closet now, you should be looking for ways to get out of it. Life is just better when you don’t have to hide.


  3. I agree with what you are saying. As naturists, I don’t think we have to prove we are by posting nude selfies.

    This concerned me when I used to work. OMG what if a coworker or employer sees me nude? At this stage in my life and through all my social media accounts I’m out there.

    What irks me the most are the self proclaimed naturists who post images of women taken off the internet. That kind of exploitation is unacceptable.

    Be true to yourself and don’t feel pressured regardless of what the naysayers may point out.

    All the best,


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    • I agree. Nude selfies are NOT necessary. The essay is the thing. If you don’t include clothed photos of yourself in the essay, there is no reason to change that just because you are a nudist. 90% of all travelogue essays use stock photos. They don’t go out and personally take them. Most essays on politics or philosophy don’t have ANY photos

      At the same time, there is nothing wrong with them, if it fits your format.

      Say I do a hike. I like to do photo essays about my hikes. I am a photographer by avocation. (Decades ago it was by profession.) A picture of the hiker enjoying the environment is perfectly reasonable and almost expected. I can link to hordes of hiking blogs where the author figures prominently in the pictures. Just because I’m not wearing clothing is no reason to avoid including a few images of me doing exactly the same thing a clothed person does.

      I label the ones where the full monty gets shown “NSFW” out of courtesy to any readers who might have problems. I wouldn’t want someone to get in trouble at work for looking at nakedness online. (The strangest thing about WordPress is that in order to get your post officially listed as “adult content” you have to first post it and then report yourself, like some random viewer who objected to it.)

      And I’m in a position where I can. If one of my friends or family saw the picture, they’d just laugh. “Yup! That’s just Fred being Fred.”

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