Winter Naturist: Cabin Fever

Here in Vermont, we expect to close out the weekend with a foot of snow. Spring begins in three weeks. Typically, though, warmth begins in two-to-three months, so it’s around now that we get itchy to get outside. To at least shed our heaviest coats and dream of when the biting cold gives way to warm breezes swirling about us in late spring and summer.

It’s around now when we remember trips of years past. Little Beach and various waterfalls and private lagoons on Maui; Pirate’s Cove in California; hikes along the east coast; a naturist B&B in Florida; and of course our beloved local swimming holes here in Vermont.

Have a look:


Little Beach, Maui, on a Sunday evening, when exclusive naturism gives way to drumming.


Pirate’s Cove, California


Marrero’s Guest Mansion, Key West


The iconic tree at Ledges, Vermont



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