That First Time


A view from Little Beach, Maui

I am alone.

6,000 miles from home.

A tropical island.

I had my first socially nude experience about as far away as I could get from people who knew me. I was alone on Little Beach on Maui, surrounded by people much more comfortable about the situation than I. I had been anxious, at once with anticipation, but also concerned that someone I know might see me.

Stop. Right. There.

If you’re on a nude beach and you see someone you know, you are among kindred spirits. It is quite likely that they didn’t just stumble over a ginormous lava flow and have their clothes blow off themselves in a gust of wind. So, if they see you, you are also seeing them. Enjoy the fact that you know someone who is a nudist.

But, that was not remotely where my mind was that day.

For me, it was a momentous occasion. A childhood of sneaking around and finding time alone at the house. Of being embarassed because I wasn’t aware that there was a whole community of people out there like me. Of assuming I was weird or odd or worse.

We’re all weird, I can say now, of course. In our own way, that is. We all have something about us that someone isn’t going to like. Or that someone will ridicule. Or lord over your head before you’re ready to share that part of yourself.

So, there I was. Looking around. The Pacific Ocean. The perfect weather. The warm breeze. The SPF 50 slathered all over me. Just have to drop trou and take the shirt off. Any moment now.

Other people were just so casual. So at ease with themselves, settling into their spot, and prepping so matter-of-factly. I was in an area where my standing there clothed made me the oddball. The one who was different from everyone around me. And so, with a deep breath of anticipation, I finally crossed that imaginary line that I’d been waiting years to step over. One small step for man. One giant leap for me.

And there I was. Settled on my blanket. Nose in a book.

Alone among my people.

6,000 miles away.

And free.

3 thoughts on “That First Time

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  2. My first time socially ended up being with a coworker I didn’t even know around 2006. We made a special delivery of a hot water heater to the cap and we left so early and made such good time we asked where a good beach was. We both had shorts on so no big deal. So we thought! They lead us down to Herring Cove and sent us down the dunes to the couples section.

    Boy were we surprised when we walked over the dunes and all the clothes were on the sand. We were both about to walk away when an attractive male female fitness couple saw us and yeld out first time?

    They came right up to us and talked us into going down to the beach and talked us into going into the water with our shorts and taking them off there.

    We were both nervous as hell, yet at the same time my daughter had grown up with my being nude in the house until she left in 2011. And I had enjoyed being nude for most of my life alone since I was 11 at a beaver damn in Milton Vermont.

    Yet the couple made us feel right at home and brought a frisbee into the ocean and you know how it goes from there. You forget your w/o clothing and you are hooked.

    I knew I was a nudist/naturist, that just confirmed it! Unfortunately it took me another 6 years before I found my first family friendly non-landed (travel) group in Maine, at the time. Then I was really hooked.

    A year later everything changed and I moved back to Vermont and now I live 3 miles away from a family friendly, privately owned spot, and I love it when I’m able to get there, and married again. With two loving families that don’t necessarily understand everything but accept whom I have become!

    A naked human, as much as possible!


    • One thing I love about this community is how welcoming and non-judgmental it tends to be overall. There are hitches, such as how clubs might act regarding membership, but at open venues, I’ve never come across anything but acceptance of differences. I even heard the calmest political discussion at the Ledges once.


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