Visitor, You Are Appreciated

All – Thanks for reading the occasional blog pieces and for supporting the journey by your presence here.

  • If you chime in with comments, I do my best to engage, and hopefully you find that we can have a civil conversation.
  • If you’d like to connect on Twitter, you can here:
  • If you feel there are ways to capture the Vermont nudist/naturist experience on these pages, let me know. Someone complained in a different venue about the lack of mention of Vermont freehiking. I have not been able to find a reliable resource for it, but if you know of anything, drop a line at:

8 thoughts on “Visitor, You Are Appreciated

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  2. To Full Vermonty:
    having been raised in a Body Free environment, I have been running around naked my entire life. Always enjoy chatting with other fellow nudists. Raised in Arizona where mu nudist Dad has 2,000 acre hacienda we call home. Split my time between Manhattan & Arizona. Summers east, winters west sort of thing. Hope to hear & share our nudist ideals soon enough. Naked Johnny
    *Unable to fill out my profile as there seems to be a glitch telling me “Ooops. Something went wrong”? Have contacted on here but received several printed replies as to how to fix. I am a newbie on here and still feeling my way around. So it’s gonna take a bit of time . .I am sure.

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  3. We are glad to have found you and are enjoying reading the blog. I also enjoy free hiking, wife not so much and it is not real easy to do here in Oklahoma. But I have a few spots with the right timing I can usually pull it off without issues.

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  4. Ww would enjoy hiking naked with you sometime. Ever get out to the SW ? My nudist dad has over 200 acre Hacienda to run around free of all clothing. Then we hike out into the mountains, deserts that surround us, with out so much as taking stitch with us. No probs. Glad your hiking naked in Oklahoma. My nudist grandparents lived in OK when they first arrived and later went to SW. Stay naked both you and your nudist wife, too. Enjoy living clothes free as much as is possible. Do you have area around your home for naked outdoor fun ? Sure hope so . . it’s a bummer not to be able to be NKD & NATURAl at all times. Naked Johnny. —-

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    • Johnny, THX !! Yes both love as much nude as we can get. We have some yard privacy, nude 95% of the time indoors. We also belong to a nude resort so much time there as possible. Nude in nature is truly a blessing that we both enjoy.

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      • My nudist Dad and I and whole nudist relatives have never been ‘card carrying nudist’ — never been to a ‘nudist camp, nudist Dad says too many rules . . .besides we enjoy having the freedom of things that can happen to men unexpectedly too much to have to run and put a towel around us! haha. But, I guess its the next besting to a nude hike, camping, free beaching it . . .stuff. Just be naked and enjoy life, eh! Dad says, “Mi Casa, Su Cassa” as a welcome to all nudist out our way in AZ or NYC when we are there.

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