Winter Naturist: Catching Zzz’s

In the cold northeast, it’s not very possible to engage in much naturist activity unless you crank the heat and watch the money fly out of your wallet to some such energy company. So, nudism isn’t particularly practical in the winter. There is one naturist “activity,” though, that you can take part in while the snow falls and the wind swirls: Sleep.

One enjoyable aspect of nudism is being cognizant you are part of it, so you might want to tuck in earlier than usual if you want to be awake for this activity. But we’ll take what we can get. Since adopting nude sleeping almost exclusively about a decade ago, I find that I sleep better and perhaps more deeply. I certainly don’t have the twisted in sheets and clothing wake-ups I used to have. And it turns out there are a host of reasons to sleep nude.

Here are a few articles highlighting the benefits:

  • Forbes: Since it’s Forbes, they say it can make you wealthier.
  • HealthlineFrom the angle of natural health measures.
  • ShapeKeeping your internal organs physcially fit.
  • Psychology TodayMental and physical health benefits are mentioned.
  • Men’s Journal CosmoA little saucier, but also some sound reasons geared toward men’s and women’s health.

The top reason should be that it feels good, but if you’re new to this world, having some social and physical science to back up your new habit probably helps. And it definitely helps pass the long nights until the swimming holes are hospitable for human use.

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