This Earth Day

Though I’m not a fan of labeling myself, I always break out the term “naturist” on Earth Day. Nature’s right in there. And when I can be, I’m in nature.

And while I am heavily political in everyday life (waaaaay far to the left), I try not to bring too much of my politics here, because those of us in the clothing optional world need to come together as allies to our cause and not let our other beliefs get in the way of our cameraderie.

But for me, the climate crisis is not a political issue. It is a moral one and it is an emergency. To me, it is the number one issue facing humanity that we need to all weigh in on and solve, because while we might not see the brunt of it, the next generation certainly will. We can’t bicker about what has a 97% sceintific consensus. The climate crisis is acting up in our lives right now – from species die-off, flooding, superstorms, droughts, lost coast line, fires, higher temperatures.

I’m not going to debate the merits of individual proposals, because I don’t care how we get to mitigating the level of crisis we will experience. I just want to get there somehow. And for those of us who value our time in nature and who value experiencing it in our most natural form, I think we might be more keenly aware than most about what is being lost.

The best estimates don’t give us much time to get our acts together. So, let’s respect Mother Earth and remember that it’s not about saving the planet. Too much other garbage goes on, but we can work to preserve survivability for the upcoming generations and ensure that they might be able to pursue some semblance of happiness the way we’ve tried to in our lives.



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