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I am published in the recent issue of N, the magazine of The Naturist Society. I wrote a story, titled “Born This Way,” about how I grew into who I am as a clothing optionalist. I had an aversion to being dressed all the time long before I heard the words “nudist” or “naturist,” but I didn’t have any context within which to put it. I talk about the journey on how I got from there to here. The photo to the right has one line from it.

When you submit an article, you agree that the magazine owns it for publication, so I encourage you to go get a copy of N or order it online when it becomes available on their site. It will be issue 38.3.  I am a member of TNS and the biggest perk I get are the intelligent and interesting articles found in the quarterly magazine, especially when my local alternative bookstore stopped carrying it.

Another great article is a review of this sociological piece from Res Publica, which argues in favor of making public nudity a right for all people. I plan to dive into the actual article itself, but if the 18 pages seem daunting to you, the 2-page review will hold your attention. Lastly, Will Forest, aka “The Nude Scribe,” has a great article about the nudist traditions of Brazil.

I don’t get out to clubs or to the regional gatherings at this point in time, but for me N is well worth the price of membership and I’m glad I joined a few years back after toying with the thought for a while. Grab a copy and enjoy.

6 thoughts on “In N Magazine

    • Your article was quite interesting and informative. There’s such a wide world out there of people like us, but we’re continually shoved into shadows because of ignorance in society.


      • I think one of the coolest aspects of naturism is its international extent. There’s a lot of focus, appropriately, on FKK and the German development of modern naturism. But I’m more interested in manifestations of social nudism in non-Western traditions. I published an article last year in N, “Nudity and the Body in Ancient Mexico,” that was similar to this one on Brazil in highlighting indigenous attitudes and practices toward nudity.
        Thanks again for the mention and for linking through!

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