WNBR, Montpelier, 6/8

Today’s the day. For those of you going – have fun! This is the tweet yesterday (original tweet 8:06 p.m., June 7, though it’s showing today’s date in the embed) from @WNBR_Montpelier for where to go today.


7 thoughts on “WNBR, Montpelier, 6/8

      • Pictures are hard since you can’t tell who actually wants to give the release. Some were taken beforehand and may end up in N Mag of which we signed a waiver to do so. I have one of the 3 of us that walked and some people took some with us as we waited for the bikers to show up. I also have one with part of the group sitting before if the ride. Will end up with more!

        It went well with a small group of 27 and we received mostly positive comments!


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