For a Nudist’s Potential Twitter Followers

Nudism is not porn. I repeat, nudism is not porn.

The reason for this is that nudism is not porn. It has never been porn, nor will it be porn. Primiarly, that is because nudism is not porn.

However, if we dig in a little more deeply, we will find that nudism is not porn. If a pornbot on social media uses the word “nudist” to describe their pornography, it does not mean that nudism is porn. Similarly, I can scream to you that the sky is green, but that does not make it so. Mostly, this is because nudism is not porn.

What about naturism?

Not porn.

Clothing-optionalism? General nakedness?

Not porn and not porn.

How about pornography?

Yes, that is porn. But porn – guess what –







Thus, stop following us. Stop pretending. There is a whole world out there that will welcome your pornography, but true nudism pages aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

In summation, nudism is not porn.

This has been a public service announcement from the world of nudism. Enough already. Please.

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One thought on “For a Nudist’s Potential Twitter Followers

  1. LOL!

    Porn is something that happens inside a person’s head. It is either something that arouses or something that disgusts. Sometimes both.

    The only way to break the connection is with – pardon the pun – exposure to real nudism.

    Some people will never learn and there is nothing to be done for them.


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