Gym Showers

Recently, I joined a gym. And as with the previous times in my 20-odd years of adulthood when I’ve held memberships, I’m basically the youngest to use the showers. Thing is, I’m no longer 20 years younger, so hygiene seems to be ending with the generation ahead of me. I’m just a straggler.

Some ultra-sweaty folks come into the locker room, throw pants on over their gym clothes, maybe change a shirt, and head out. I hope they aren’t heading back to work or anywhere in public. It’s pretty gross.

Whatever the fear or shame is that keeps people from maintaining sanitary practices is a real shame. But so far, I’m one of the few non-gray-haired people who changes, showers, and re-dresses like it’s no big deal. And really, it’s no big deal.

My guess is the hypersexualization of nudity is the culprit. Whatever it is, I’d hate to be sharing an elevator with these people after their workouts.