In the Quiet of the Season

IMG_3975The winter solstice returns the light, but is the darkest day of the year. For me and the people I love, this invites quiet and introspection. We reduce our interactive technology for a few days and take part in the festivity of togetherness. So, here’s the opportunity to wish you all a happy new year. I’ll leave the puns our community loves so much to someone else.

This time of year, I find myself settling in with books, but here are some online articles that spoke to me this year:

  • Being a Naturist Isn’t Sexual at Exposed Happiness (Link)
  • Wear Clothes? Then You’re Part of the Problem at New York Times (Link)
  • Should LGBTQ Add an ‘N’? at Nude Movement (Link)
  • Science says to get naked (abridged title) at The Mirror (Link)
  • Why Are Nudists Such Friendly People? at Naked Wanderings (Link)

Let’s show fellow writers who are adding to the rich literature of our community some love and support.

My wish for you for 2020 is peace. My wish for the world is an awakening to action on climate change.

Cheers! See you in January.

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