There Once Was a Mansion in Key West…

IMG_5084About a decade ago, I spent my first anniversary at Marrero’s Guest Mansion on Key West. It was known among the nudist community, because it had a clothing-optional swimming pool, one of the few options for such enjoyment there. It was undoubtedly clothing optional, but was not necessarily nudist, since a few people seemed to want to use the pool for very specific activities.

Our first several days there, we met many nudists who were frequent visitors to the hotel. And after they checked out a different clientele showed up. It was almost intimidating to use the pool without clothes and we sort of soured on it, since the folks weren’t as friendly as the first set of people we met. (Note: Nudists are the friendliest people.) But we appreciated its existence.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to see how Marrero’s was doing and I read a review where the new ownership noted that they no longer keep the pool clothing optional. It’s swimsuits or get out. It’s sad when a nudist-friendly venue closes down for nudist use, even one as imperfect Marrero’s, because our options aren’t always plenty.

Here’s what was…

IMG_5240  IMG_5237.JPG



3 thoughts on “There Once Was a Mansion in Key West…

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  2. I couldn’t find a reason online. Guess the new owners just didn’t want it. My thought: Buy a different property.


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