About TFV

IMG_2826.JPGHi. I’m a lifelong nudist who took several years to come to terms with it, since there weren’t a lot of naturist role models in my world. Based in Vermont, home of The Ledges, I’ve been lucky enough to go to Little Beach and explore secluded waterfalls on Maui, to famed beach Pirate’s Cove in California, and an old mansion on Key West that unfortunately no longer serves clothing-optional clientele.

Nudism fills my spirit. It’s part of who I am; I was born this way. And given the paucity of up-to-date information on Vermont naturist spots and having to really dig for information once we moved here, I thought I’d set this website up to help folks understand the way of life/culture of openness in this state and to find the venues to explore in our beautiful rural state.

I am happiest while nude in nature. It’s a sense of deep serenity when skin connects with soil, air, water, sun and I am transported out of my minute-to-minute thoughts and integrated into the natural environment. We humans like to dominate and dictate nature, perhaps because we never try to be part of it. When I step into deep connection with the planet, the sense of groundedness and peace flows throughout my body. It is the keenest way to truly feel the oneness of the world. Inseparable from all that is around us.

I’m a member of The Naturist Society and have written two features about nudism for their quarterly publication, N magazine.