For Newbies

fullsizeoutput_ba72No matter how you arrived to this site, welcome.

Hopefully you arrived due to shared interests with the nudist/naturist community. If you’re new to this way of being, are curious, or didn’t know if there really are other people like you in this world (as I did back when trying to figure myself out), then you’re in the right place.

Society has often looked down at nudists, using our name as a punchline and treating us as less than. We live in an era of great body shame and hypersexualization, so many people don’t know what to do with simple, unashamed nudity. This confusion and disassociation from the bodies we inhabit has created a society that has great body shame, perpetuates harmful myths about our human beingness, and declares problematic that which has proven over eras not to be. We nudists are continually in tension over our rights and what the world thinks of us. Additionally, we seem to have to handle others’ emotional labor by explaining and re-explaining what we are about to each critic spouting ignorance.

IMG_2928.JPGOverall, nudists are people who enjoy being without clothes. In the nudist community, we affirm people’s individuality, bodies, sexual orientation, and gender, but we are not driven by sexual proclivities. We seem to have to emphasize the fact that people can be nude without a sexual component, because the messages from governments, religions, advertisements, and entertainment tells the greater population anything but that. While there might be groups that mix nakedness and sexual activity out there or people might use the term “nudist” to peddle pornography, the nudist movement to its core is non-sexual.

If you’re interested in understanding nudism, here are some books I’ve read. Some texts are old and dry. Others are more modern and flow better.

May you embrace this part of yourself and enjoy what life has to offer!