Naturist Resources

National Organizations

IMG_5237.JPGThe Naturist Society & American Association of Nude RecreationThese are the two U.S. national nudist/naturist organizations. TNS was established in 1980, this membership organization has affiliated destinations around the country, including here in Vermont. It is based in Oshkosh, WI, and publishes N, a quarterly periodical about nudist interests. AANR has roots dating to 1931, accepts members, and also has many affiliations across the country, including Vermont. Headquartered in Kissimmee, FL, AANR publishes The Undressed Press monthly newsletter.

Federation of Canadian Naturists & Federation Quebecoise de NaturismeFCN and FQN are Canada’s membership organizations, established in 1985 and 1977, respectively. Based in Etobicoke, ON (FCN), and Montreal, QC (FQN), these are the Canadian affiliates to the International Naturist Federation. FCN publishes the quarterly Going Natural magazine.

Activist Organizations

Naturist Action CommitteeThis non-profit arm of The Naturist Society advances and protects the rights of naturists throughout North America. They have defended against onerous laws and ordinances, including the fight against banning the clothing-optional tradition at the Ledges here in Vermont.

AANR Government AffairsThis arm of AANR advocates for nudist rights and monitors activities from lawmaking bodies across the US and Canada.

Naturist Education Foundation: NEF is the non-profit informational and educational adjunct to TNS. Maintaining an extensive library of nudist/naturist writings, NEF commissions public opinion polls, grants scholarships, and maintains a speakers bureau for naturist outreach.

Annual Events

fullsizeoutput_ba74World Naked Bike RideOccurring in early June across the Northern Hemisphere, Montpelier hosts the currently active annual ride. Seen as a way to bring awareness to cyclists, this ride also represents body freedom and a protest against fossil fuels.

World Naked Gardening DayA bit of a stretch for Vermonters, WNGD takes place on the first Saturday in May in the Northern Hemisphere. Check your garlic patch, dig some holes, or plant some pots. Some years, Vermont midspring is freezing, and on others, it has been boiling. Either way, celebrate deeper connections to Mother Earth and the life she brings us each harvest.

World Naked Hiking Day: Celebrated on the Summer Solstice, people worldwide take to the hills and forests to hike nude. Vermont has a “free-hiking” tradition, however a local website that is current has not been located. There is an older site, but the page where one requests to be part of the group no longer exists.

State Laws

Vermont LegislatureEach legislative session, we scour House and Senate bills to see if any anti-nudist bills are moving through the State House. Generally, the bills presented seeking to criminalize us die in committee referral, but it’s good to keep an eye on what our representatives are up to.